5 Time Management Hacks You’ve Never Heard of

Perfect time management is the stuff of legend.

There are so many ways to get the most out of your day, yet many options serve as little more than distractions.

We have endeavored to provide you with a short collection of time management hacks that you may not have discovered yet to help you seize your day in the realest way.

Divide by lunch

This hack can be of tremendous help to anyone looking to assert a higher level of control over their daily schedule. The math here is quite simple.


Schedule your work as being meant for before you eat your lunch or after you eat your lunch. This helps to keep your day from wrinkling up towards the end and placing an irksome burden of labor on you when you are least capable of handling it all.

Set alarms – A LOT


The last thing anyone in their right mind truly wants to do is endeavor to set more of them.

However, the use of alarms as a powerful means of engaging your mind when it starts to drift should not be understated.
Set an alarm for each and every conceivable obligation your day presents you with and you could find yourself actually managing them all without breaking a sweat.

Just keep moving


It can also help some people avoid procrastinating. Whenever you find yourself staring blankly at a monitor, wall, bird, etc. the best thing you can do is spring into action.

File some papers, clean your desk, go to the bathroom. Whatever you do, avoid sitting around any longer than you need to without being in motion. A rolling stone gathers no moss, or so they say.

Ask yourself “What’s next?”


The time you spend immediately after completing a task is pivotal to your daily success. These crucial moments must be harnessed to ensure proper time management is your reality, instead of a lofty, unreachable goal.

The best way to gain control of these important moments is by asking yourself a very simple question whenever you finish something. “What’s next?”

Once you have your next activity lined up in your mind, you can actually take a minor break to unwind a bit before you get started as your pending obligations are already known and acknowledged.

Work with music

This is a simple, yet powerful tactic to employ in your death match against father time.

By listening to music as you work, you can actually come to complete more tasks than you would otherwise have presumed to be possible.


Opt for bone induction headphones if you need to maintain a high level of environmental awareness as you work, though. Otherwise, you could end up creating a highly efficient means of losing your job.

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