50 Great Ways to Not Get the Job

There are incredible numbers of job seekers scouring the shifting job market each and every day. Although motivations can vary drastically from person to person, the blunders that many job seekers make when it comes time to ace an interview are all surprisingly similar.

We have taken the time to assemble a sizable collection of typical mistakes folks make on judgement day with a prospective employer. The 50 fumbles that follow are sure to resonate with myriad of the interview-impaired among us. Who knows? They just might help you avoid committing a faux-pas at your next job interview.
Without further ado, here are 50 great ways to not get the job:

1) Demand the world from employers and offer nothing in return.


2) Wear a T-shirt or otherwise unprofessional attire to your interview.


3) Mention how horrendous your previous boss was.


4) Show up drunk, high or (incredibly) both.


5) Answer your phone mid-interview.


6) Fart around on your phone AT ALL mid-interview.


7) Yawn during the interview (especially more than once).


8) Be an arrogant arse-hat.


9) Chew gum. (Yep, employers don’t like that.)


10) Ask zero questions.


Author: Jeff

Chief Administrator of Jobs on Parade.