Top Ten Career Choices for 2017 (by Salary)

2017 is just around the corner and loads of people are wondering about their careers. Career choices can be tricky, but a major factor in every decision-making process on the subject is salary. Money talks and plenty of professionals have no reservations when talking about money! Thus, we have managed to find a number of … Continue reading "Top Ten Career Choices for 2017 (by Salary)"

Expert Email Correspondence Tips

Email is the most professional form of electronic correspondence available to the world so far (besides the classic phone call). Myriad alleged “professionals” engage in the exchange of email each and every day in a half-hearted attempt at forging powerful business connections and valuable relationships with industry peers. But, what if the grand majority of … Continue reading "Expert Email Correspondence Tips"

Join the #New Year Revolution!

Resolutions have a way of coming and going just as easily as the years in which they are made. Let’s make 2017 different. Get a head start on your goals for the coming new year. It’s a revolutionary idea, and it’s just crazy enough to work! If your goal has anything to do with finding … Continue reading "Join the #New Year Revolution!"

Holiday Handshaking – Networking at Christmas Time

Holiday time is a time for giving. Why not give out your business info throughout this merry season? That’s right, we’re throwing down a few of our favorite Christmas networking tactics. You can add your own input below by tweeting your suggestion to our Twitter page with the hashtag #XmasPromoParade and we just might throw … Continue reading "Holiday Handshaking – Networking at Christmas Time"

Business Jargon Roundup – A Glimpse into the Linguistic Obsession of the Corporate World

Business jargon is the hilariously misfigured love-child of a deep-rooted craving for brevity and a desire to convey unbelievably boring concepts without falling asleep mid-sentence. Despite its obvious failings, it remains an integral and sometimes even “useful” linguistic tool in the professional world. Of course, its few redeeming qualities are likely to be lost on … Continue reading "Business Jargon Roundup – A Glimpse into the Linguistic Obsession of the Corporate World"

5 Time Management Hacks You’ve Never Heard of

Perfect time management is the stuff of legend. There are so many ways to get the most out of your day, yet many options serve as little more than distractions. We have endeavored to provide you with a short collection of time management hacks that you may not have discovered yet to help you seize … Continue reading "5 Time Management Hacks You’ve Never Heard of"