Business Jargon Roundup – A Glimpse into the Linguistic Obsession of the Corporate World

Business jargon is the hilariously misfigured love-child of a deep-rooted craving for brevity and a desire to convey unbelievably boring concepts without falling asleep mid-sentence.

Despite its obvious failings, it remains an integral and sometimes even “useful” linguistic tool in the professional world. Of course, its few redeeming qualities are likely to be lost on you if you have no idea what any of it means.

It is common enough for individuals to recognize one or two examples of jargon in the workplace, but who really knows it all? Well, we do, of course!

Don’t worry, we’ve compiled a few lists of amusingly obtuse jargon for you to memorize (or simply marvel at). By the time you finish reading, you’ll never need to say “come again?” again.

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Acronyms for Common Corporate Roles

More Corporate Acronyms

Even More Corporate Acronyms

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