Frequently Asked Questions



How do I register as a job seeker?

Registering as a job seeker is as simple as clicking the register link in the menu above or the link in the footer and filling out the details. There are no fees.

How do I register as an employer/recruiter?

Registering as a recruiter is easy. Simply click the register link above or in the footer and fill out the details of the form. All accounts are free.

How are payments processed on Jobs on Parade?

Payment processing on this site is always conducted through secure third-party services. We use Paypal, so your financial details never actually reside on our servers.

How can I submit a featured ad?

You can place featured ads here on Jobs on Parade by submitting a featured ad from this form.

How can I submit a boosted ad?

You can place boosted ads here on Jobs on Parade by submitting a boosted ad from this form.

How safe is my information on Jobs on Parade?

Your information is secure. We do not touch, record or store your financial information at all. All transactions are handled by Paypal, a third-party payment processor, on their secure servers.

How many job ads can I submit?

You are free to submit as many ads as you please on this site. Although we cannot guarantee they will all be posted, as we screen each ad by hand to make sure they are suitable for this site, if a featured ad is rejected, you will be refunded at the time of rejection.

How many applications can I submit?

On this site, you are free to submit an application to any job you feel qualified for. The only limitation comes in the form of applicants being limited to a single application per job. You can delete and resubmit your proposals as needed, but you cannot submit more than one to any given job.

How do I submit my application?

Submitting your application is simple. First, find a job that interests you using either the find jobs page or the category tool below. Once done, you should be presented with a description of the job in question. At the bottom of this description is a form that you must fill out and submit to apply for the position. You can edit or remove your application at any time once submitted. Also, your message and details are seen only by the recruiter and not by other applicants.

How do I submit my Job ad?

Submitting your job ad is easy. Simply navigate to the “find talent” page using either the link above or the one below. Once there, you can fill out the form to submit your ad. Once this has been completed, your submission will be delivered to our servers and we will notify you when it is published or if it is rejected.

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