Holiday Handshaking – Networking at Christmas Time

Holiday time is a time for giving. Why not give out your business info throughout this merry season?

That’s right, we’re throwing down a few of our favorite Christmas networking tactics.

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Make Seasonal Business Cards

Deck the halls with cards for calling!

Yes, we know that was cheesy, but it’s also a great way to get your name and info out there during the fun and festivities of the Christmas season.

Chances are rather good that you will be taking an active part in a number of yuletide gatherings this Christmas season, so why not make something of them in preparation for the coming year?

The best way to get your brand in circulation is through business cards, of course. However, it helps to take an extra step and theme your cards for the occasion. A little Christmas spirit can go a long way towards making people more receptive to your self-promotion!

Volunteer at Local Events

You can take the hassle out of meeting people if it is your responsibility to interact with them at a seasonal event.
Try to frequent charity events as much as possible and, if you can, stand near the food.

Everyone is at least going to be looking at the food at any major or minor event, so get there (or, preferably, volunteer as a server) and greet people as best you can. You can then hand out business cards as needed while taste testing each and every entrée on the table. Call it double-dipping!

Host a Party

Hosting your own Christmas bash is an excellent way to interact with multiple people in an unassuming and open environment.

If you are going to go this route, be sure not to overwhelm your visitors with an unwelcome sales pitch. Instead, opt for something a bit subtler; perhaps, a goodie bag for each person in attendance that just happens to contain a Christmas-themed business card beneath the fruitcake?

Go to Church

Church is a great place to network openly! This is especially true if you choose to accompany family members to their churches as well.

You can meet plenty of new people in an open environment and, as it’s the season of giving, you can bestow the gift of your business information on them.

Those are the best tips that we could come up with. If you feel you have some better ones, tweet us your suggestions at #XmasPromoParade and we’ll be sure to add them to the list with a link to your site!

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