How Jobs on Parade Works


This site is designed to be quick, effective and easy to use.

Here, we have laid out how Jobs on Parade should be used and what makes it different from the rest of the Internet’s job sites:

Job Seekers

Make an Account

Don’t worry, the signup process is free and fast. Once you’re in, you will have access to the application form for each job post and your profile pages.

Browse With Ease

You can see every ad on the site without an account. Also, you can sign up for email updates from categories you are interested in without an account as well, though we recommend signing up on Jobs on Parade to quickly apply to positions.

Reach Recruiters

Submitting your application to a potential employer is as easy as leaving a comment. Simply attach your resume, write your message and be on your way. Employers/Recruiters are notified by email daily.

Come Back for More

You can return here as often as you like to browse the directory for the perfect work opportunities.

You are always welcome in the parade!