Join the #New Year Revolution!

Resolutions have a way of coming and going just as easily as the years in which they are made. Let’s make 2017 different.

Get a head start on your goals for the coming new year. It’s a revolutionary idea, and it’s just crazy enough to work!

If your goal has anything to do with finding an awesome job, then you might be interested in trying out some of the tips we’ve put together here for you. Here’s to an epic Holiday Season and a promising New Year!

Assess yourself!

A great way to get the jump on your job seeking goals for the coming year is to conduct a thorough, honest self-assessment of your skills and weaknesses.

Start with the most relevant abilities you possess as pertains to your ideal job. What are they?
As a writer, for instance, you could mention a strong researching capacity and the ease with which you engage readers.

Build your brand

This is an awesome step to take in finding your next job and it has nothing to do with starting your own company. Your brand is your image and the world is your audience.

You can easily make progress in this area by simply networking in your community and online.
Fill in profile details on recruiting hot spots like Linkedin and spread the word on how amazing you are wherever you go.

Sort your contacts

You may already have a huge list of contacts to sell your skills to in the hopes of landing a stellar position, but how can you improve your chances of harnessing contact potential if yours are all grouped together?

You will need to separate contacts in certain industries, companies and areas from others at some point in your job-hunting process. Get it done ahead of time and you’ll have a leg up on your unprepared fellow job seekers.

Multiply your resume

Your resume is your sales pitch. Make it count by setting it up in a variety of ways to accommodate all manner of scenarios.
A great resume is a resume that fits the position in question like a glove. No single resume ought to be etched in stone – unshakable.

Shift your skills around a bit for each type of job you plan on submitting an application to. Put the closest matching skills up top, where they can be seen most prominently. Play with wording, depending on the industry or workplace in question.

Become a daily DO’er

Jobs are not likely to float down to you from the stratosphere, ripe for the taking. Get proactive and make a point of gaining traction each and every day.

Set a clear goal for yourself. Perhaps, you could manage a couple phone calls per day. Maybe you could fire off ten emails in that time. Whatever floats your boat is likely to be of help in your quest for the ultimate career, so long as you make a habit of it!

Hopefully, the above tips were of use to you! Regardless, the New Year’s Revolution is real and we hope you’ll take the time to spread the good word. Show your devotion to self-improvement by tweeting #NewYearRevolution with your revolutionary resolution and get ready for an insanely successful 2017!

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