Prospecting on the Web – Cold Pitching and Client Sourcing Tips for the Cunning

Use Social Media


Yes, it’s true, social media is often the enemy in disguise when it comes to making efficient use of one’s time. However, there are ways to make the most of social media without allowing it to make the most of your day.

For Facebook – This platform has quickly begun to develop a rather egregious reputation in the world of marketing, thanks to the questionable promotion system and opaque distribution practices that they offer. Luckily for you, you are not a marketer. As a prospector, you are, essentially, a networker. It is through networking that you will find tremendous value on Facebook.

Aim to friend as many relevant professionals and businesses as you can. Pay no regard to the lunacy of “friending” a business and plug on with grit and determination! Since the number of people who have subscribed to your profile feed that actually see your posts has dropped so low, it is much more useful to make “friends” of your contacts and engage with them directly.

For Linkedin – Where better to start than the most professional of the social platforms? Linkedin provides you with free and paid access to a massive variety of users. What’s more, these users are all classified by their businesses, careers and portfolios. This gives you a unique chance to expand your contact list to incredible proportions and display your services prominently in a public profile for professional prospects to peruse.

If you want Linkedin to release its magic unto you, you need to connect with relevant users. Furthermore, you need to communicate with those whom you successfully connect with. Linkedin is a networking goldmine, but you’ll have to contribute value to your contacts to get much of anywhere with it.

For Pinterest – In a word, content! Post, post, post some more and then, when the day is over and the hens have run off to roost, post, post, post!

Pinterest favors content; big, bright, colorful content. Make sure you have images to go with your content or you will not get far here. For artists and other creatives, this can be among the best resources for sourcing clients and attracting viewers to a portfolio.

Pinterest is best thought of as a net. Any prospects surfing Pinterest will gladly visit your site, page or portal if you can get an attractive image in front of them. A great technique that you can use as a writer, to capitalize on this effect, is that of the humble list article. Outfit your list with an image for each point that is made and “pin” them all, one at a time, for a much wider digital net.

To better manage your pinning efforts, try Tailwind.

For Twitter – This site is particularly useful for spreading identical messages repeatedly. Aside from this, though, Twitter is bound to serve prospectors similarly to Pinterest. It is a numbers game at its finest. Maximize your daily post quantity and you are sure to pull in hordes of prospects. Post a single line per day and you will be buried alive.
Hootsuite can make the management of multiple social profiles, including twitter, far less hectic.

For Minds – is home to a relatively new social network. What makes it useful is the potential to easily and effectively boost your own posts wherever and however you like. You can pay for points or rack them up through use of the platform, then utilize them to get views to any post you choose.

This site is especially great for freelancers in content and media creation fields to promote themselves. Subscribe to as many people as you possibly can and publish relevant posts often to generate notoriety for your personal brand and services.

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