Prospecting on the Web – Cold Pitching and Client Sourcing Tips for the Cunning

Use Email


No, you probably will not get anywhere by making use of a public email list (unless you count the permanent spam directory as “somewhere”). The only email list likely to be worth having access to is always your own. Thankfully, this is not too difficult to set up. However, it does take a little know-how.

Mailchimp is likely to be your best bet if you are hoping to easily manage a growing email list without plopping down cold, hard cash right off the bat. You can manage some two thousand subscribers before you are required to put your money on the line. Mailchimp has all of the features you will need, except for one tiny thing… A website.

Don’t worry! For most professional freelancers, a simple blog will suffice. You can set one up quickly on WordPress for free. Mailchimp can provide you with the code you need to copy and paste onto your front page to enable subscriptions. All that remains is for you to summon some of the aforementioned powers of the web to attract prospects to your page and, hopefully, onto your list.

It can be tempting to find and add recipients’ addresses to your list manually, but you are better off with recipients who deliberately choose to opt in for your list. To keep these discerning prospects sufficiently engaged, aim to provide them with useful information and resources about twice each month.

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