Prospecting on the Web – Cold Pitching and Client Sourcing Tips for the Cunning

Use Question and Answer Sites


Yahoo Answers and Quora can be outstanding resources for sourcing valuable clients, but you need to know how to use them if you want to reach their profitable centers.

Provide loads of useful advice in whatever free time you have on hand, but be sure to stay within your field as you do so. A quick search for fresh questions can yield incredibly targeted results. For instance, “how to ______” (insert your specialty) is sure to bring up a number of questions asked by potential prospects. Give them each a timely, well-structured and direct answer.

Be sure to mention your own specialized services and, perhaps, provide a quick link to your page or portfolio.

Prospecting is all about digging. In the world of digital prospecting, it helps to dig in more spots than one.

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