Top Ten Career Choices for 2017 (by Salary)

2017 is just around the corner and loads of people are wondering about their careers.

Career choices can be tricky, but a major factor in every decision-making process on the subject is salary. Money talks and plenty of professionals have no reservations when talking about money!

Thus, we have managed to find a number of great career choices for budding professionals and those considering gaining a college education to take into consideration purely on the basis of pay.

All of the following mean annual salary numbers have been harvested from 2016 in preparation for the coming year.

Without further ado, the top-paying career options for 2017:

Software developer Mean annual salary: $95,510

Software development has exploded in our increasingly modern environment. The importance of skilled developers within nearly every conceivable industry has skyrocketed and, along with it, the offered salaries have enjoyed a few leaps of their own.

This is an excellent career to choose if you have an interest in computers on any level and it could easily yield an expanding landscape of opportunities for years to come.

Pharmacist Mean annual salary: $118,470

Being a pharmacist has its perks, and one of them is the pay!

Pharmacists are always in high demand as medication use has yet to slow for the last decade or so. If you are interested in this field, then the salary should be a welcome surprise.

Sales Manager Mean annual salary: $126,040

This position hardly needs an explanation and, in all honesty, neither does the salary.

Sales will always be of major importance to businesses and, thus, the sales manager of a business is not likely to be undervalued (assuming they do their job well).

Marketing Manager Mean annual salary: $137,400

The marketing manager of a company is often paid more handsomely than even the sales manager.

Marketing is pivotal to the enduring success of any company. Poor marketing and ill-conceived marketing ploys can effectively tarnish a business’s reputation forever. Therefore, the marketing manager of a company is paid well to do their job.

Prosthodontist Mean annual salary: $142,830

Dental workers are known to rake in the cash around the world, but the lesser known prosthodontist, in particular, can reel in much more than you might expect.

A practicing prosthodontist creates prosthetics for patients; false teeth, dentures, etc. This important role is difficult and technical, but pays very well.

Nurse Anesthetist Mean annual salary: $158,900

Nurse anesthetists are in charge of staving off pain during otherwise excruciating procedures. Their value in the medical community is obvious and their pay reflects this.

This job requires very specific certification, etc. but is valued accordingly.

Pediatrician Mean annual salary: $175,400

Children are the future. A pediatrician treats children. Ergo, pediatricians are paid very well for their work.

Being a pediatrician is as technical as most other medical careers can be, but, for those who enjoy working with children, it is a great choice to consider.

Psychiatrist Mean annual salary: $182,700

A psychiatrist helps patients to heal their minds. So, naturally, people don’t mind paying them an exorbitant amount to do their job.

All jokes aside, psychiatry can be a very challenging profession. Thus, although the pay can be enticing, you should have an interest in the field before getting started in it.

Orthodontist Mean annual salary: $201,030

An orthodontist is the one in charge of improving your smile. It would seem a million-dollar smile is more than a figure of speech, though, as the average orthodontist salary is impressive, to say the least.

As with all medical professionals, orthodontists are skilled laborers and their position can be highly technical in nature.

Anesthesiologist Mean annual salary: $246,320

Anesthesiologists make a lot of money. This is due in no small part to the vital importance of their job.

An anesthesiologist is in charge of administering anesthetics during dangerous and very critical medical procedures.
This is not a career to choose solely based on the money, of course, but who could possibly ignore such a high pay rate?

There you have it! Our list is complete.
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