Why You Should Use Jobs on Parade


For Job Seekers

Here, you can count on the availability of high-quality job offers and a fair environment for all applicants. Our job directory is open to you even without an account, so you can find jobs you are looking for immediately.

Here, we allow for only one application per user to be submitted to any given job as a means of eliminating spam and false competition.

Also, to maintain a high standard among the job offers that are published here, we hand review all boosted and featured ads before they are released. This helps to ensure that the ads are from trustworthy employers and represent legitimate employment opportunities.

For Recruiters

There are few reasonable options available on the web for you to choose from if your goal is to find an employee or freelancer who can accommodate your company’s needs.

In effect, the current crop of employee hunting services and sites on the Internet suffer from the effects of complicated, obtuse systems and astonishingly high pricing.

Here at Jobs on Parade, we aim to solve these issues as simply and concisely as possible.

This site is designed to stay out of your way as you quickly submit your ads.

No useless fields clutter our pages and there are no distractions to keep you from discovering the best talent the web has to offer.

As for pricing, we accept standard ads free of charge.

If you want your ads to reach all front-page visitors and be listed in the slideshow, then you can get your ad featured for $149 through this form.

If you only want the extra visibility of the slideshow, you can boost your ad for $99 through this form.

For special orders and bulk submissions, you can simply get in touch with us through the contact form and we will gladly assist you.

Both employers and aspiring employees/freelancers have plenty to gain from getting started with Jobs on Parade.

You can quickly Register or Login right now to start placing ads or applying to available job offers.

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